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Swedish rye biscuits

Powder-kissed and pretty, these Swedish rye biscuits are perfect for the Christmas biscuit enthusiast (or anyone really!) After a not-too-sweet shortbread-style shortbread-style biscuit. I make them with a mixture of rye and whole grain pastry flour and also break with tradition when it comes to adding a secret ingredient. Because I love the taste of toasted rye bread coated with cream cheese, I use a butter and cream cheese combination for the dough – instead of a butter-only dough.

These cookies can be baked in all sorts of shapes, although I like to roll and stamp them. The batter is generally easy to work with, and I've found cutters from super small to medium sized to work really well.

Swedish rye biscuit dough

Other ideas

I suspect you could experiment with other flours instead of the rye and expect good results – barley or oat flour might work just fine. I also thought of making a savory version of this biscuit with herbs and grated cheese instead of most / all of the sugar – and turning it into a buttery rye cream cheese herb cracker …

Swedish rye biscuits before baking


Some of you have come up with successful variations on this recipe over the years. I wanted to highlight a few here in the hope that it might be helpful!

  • Can these be adapted vegan?? Truman notes: “I replaced the butter and cream cheese with vegan butter sticks and tofutti with soil balance, which are better than cream cheese. That made it a bit healthier for the heart and also vegan. ”And with that in mind, Keri adds:“ I also made the vegan version of it! They are delicious – I added some grated orange peel and ground anise seeds and they remind me of a less crispy version of my grandma's gingerbread. "
  • KanelBulle spiced it up, “I combined this with the gingerbread idea by adding spices – ginger, cloves, nutmeg, and cinnamon – and using a dark sugar called 'molasses sugar'. It turned out brilliantly (even if I don't have the cookie cutters to make these rings). "

Swedish rye biscuits on baking sheet

I like to bake these cookies not only around the holidays, but the rest of the year as well. If you're here looking for Christmas / Christmas cookie recipes, I've put a number of favorites from past holidays in one place. Or here if you're just looking for more cookie recipe inspiration. I especially love these chocolate puddle biscuits, this shortbread, those special snickerdoodles, this millionaire shortbread and those triple ginger biscuits.


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