These are the best sex positions for ANY mood you are in

Give yourself a sex upgrade by using our encyclopedia of the best sex positions to customize your bedroom moves to suit your mood…

Best sex positions when…

You feel lazy

scoop me up

Why: It’s easy for both of you and allows for lots of skin-to-skin contact, increasing stimulation.
As: Lie on your sides and face in the same direction. Raise your knees slightly as he enters you from behind.

You feel romantic

Cowgirl’s High

Why: This puts less strain on your legs, making the climax easier and allowing you to focus on stroking his manly chest.
As: Kneel on him, pushing off his chest and sliding up and down his thighs as he grabs your hips.

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You feel adventurous

The galley

Why: Since you can’t see your partner, fantasizing is easier, which can add to the excitement.
As: He sits back in his lap as you for a seated spoon. Tighten your pelvic floor muscles to hold it in place. Hold tight!

He feels romantic


Why: Similar to the cowgirl high (above) but with him on top so he can stare into your eyes this time.
As: It enters through the narrow opening of your semi-closed legs and increases penetration.
Sex Position Cowboy
The croissant

Why: You two really feel connected when you look at each other. Plus, it’s a flattering angle for your breasts.
As: Sit facing each other, cross your legs and lean back. Let him penetrate you and rub your clit against his pelvis for extra thrills.

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The shell

Why: This is only for the pliable, but it feels amazing and lets him get close for eye contact.
As: Lie back with your legs elevated (if you can, cross your ankles behind your head). He enters the missionary style.

He feels adventurous

G Whiz

Why: You get G-spot stimulation – and a nice easy ride while lying with your butt on pillows and your legs on his shoulders.
As: He lifts your butt to enter you and then rocks you from side to side or up and down to hit your G-spot.
g-whiz sex position

pretzel dip

Why: For deeper doggy penetration while maintaining eye contact. Delicious.
As: Lie on your right side. He kneels, spreads your right leg and wraps the left around his left side.

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The big dog

Why: Intensely arousing version of doggy style that allows him to caress your clitoris for extra stimulation.
As: If you’re both standing (try wearing heels), lean forward; he enters you from behind.

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